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Specifications & Installation

Line Profile Drawings

Revit/Sketchup/Cad files


Product Warranty Little Earth 1 Little Earth 1 Finish Definitions
AAMA Specification Little Earth 2 Little Earth 2 Design Definitions
CSI Specification Ashton Ashton Earth Metal Design Printable Compilation
Finishes Specification Roman Fold 1 Roman Fold 1 Standard Finishes Printable Compilation
Short Form Specification Roman Fold 2 Roman Fold 2
Design Specifications Pacific Sail Pacific Sail
Installation Exchange 1 Exchange 1 Catalog
Diagram Exchange 2 Exchange 2 CA Prop 65 Statement
General Instructions Metal Valley Metal Valley
Detail – 3D Plaza Plaza Cleaning & Disinfecting
Detail – Retrofit
Detail – Plywood J-Trim (Female) J-Trim (Female)
Detail – Furring Strips J-Trim (Male) J-Trim (Male)
Detail – Drywall 2″ J Mold Clip Cover 2″ J Mold Clip Cover
Detail – Concrete
Detail – Corner
Means and methods