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Earth Metal™ is a highly dimensional and extremely durable architectural metal surfacing designed for feature walls, columns, elevator cabs, ceilings and other innovative architectural applications for both interior and exterior use. This product truly is one-of-a-kind. The sculptural panels are created from high quality aluminum. To learn more click here.


Little Earth 1
Little Earth 1 – EM7800

Little Earth 2
Little Earth 2 – EM7801

Exchange 1
Exchange 1 – EM7802

Exchange 2
Exchange 2 – EM7803

Metal Valley
Metal Valley – EM7804

Plaza – EM7805

Roman Fold 1
Roman Fold 1 – EM7806

Roman Fold 2
Roman Fold 2 – EM7807

Pacific Sail
Pacific Sail – EM7808

Mono Valley
Mono Valley – EM7810

J-Trim Female
J-Trim Female

J-Trim Male
J-Trim Male

Design EM7809 Ashton has been retired.

Design profiles and intellectual property are copyrighted by Gage 78 and their respective individual designers.